Hello listeners!

I’m Cat.

I’m a cat. (What?)

I’m a writer.

I’m a podcaster.

I’m a badass bitch.

I like to roller skate.

My podcast passion projects for The Girl Gang Network are:

You’re gonna love the fuck out of these shows.

I co-own The Girl Gang Network with Cheryl Wei. She’s awesome.

We both live in Sydney, Australia.

I also make zines. They’re cool.


Oh! And I Snapchat! I actually use Snapchat as a part of my world building process for the shows so add me (sashatrix) and see.

All my online content is free. I do what I do because I’m a badass bitch who likes to write, podcast, and skate. If you want to help me do that, check out my Patreon page. My supporters get sent super cool gifts. Like zines and pizza and stuff. Get on that.

I’m also a generally nice person.

Thank you for being here.
Love, Cat Cameron.