What is The Girl Gang Network?

It’s a network.
Of girls.
Who are now in a gang.

Umm… Ok?

The Girl Gang Network was started by Cat Cameron and Cheryl Wei as a means of combining the sheer power of female positive digital on demand radio into a community.

I have no idea who those people are.

You can get introduced to the co-owners of The Girl Gang Network here:
Meet: Cat Cameron
Meet: Cheryl Wei

What does The Girl Gang Network stand for?

Well… We are pro-women, pro-choice, pro-transgender, anti-ableism, anti-racism, non-compliant, pro-equality… In short, we’re about supporting feminist and feminist-informed podcasting.
Feminist: Our flagship show, Fish Without A Bicycle, is a conversation between two characters Anne (Cat Cameron) and Bella (Cheryl Wei) about feminism. So, FWAB is a feminist podcast that talks about feminism.
Feminist Informed: But, for example, The Adventures of Apathy Girl, is feminist-informed. It’s different. This show is fiction and does not talk about feminism, it just tries damn hard to not be misogynistic, ableist, exclusive, in its storytelling style.
There are a whole bunch of shows you can subscribe to so, get on that.

Wow, that sounds like the most perfect girl gang in the world!

Aww, thanks, Italics. That means a lot to me. But, we are by no means perfect. If happen to find something problematic or in need of a trigger warning in one of our shows or articles that we have published, please call us in and let us know!
Enjoy! Xx