Sugar. Spice. And everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girls. But that didn’t work out because little girls grew the fuck up and became fierce women who run a podcasting network called: The Girl Gang Network. Using their ultra-superpowers: Cat, Cheryl, and Olivia (and Regan) have dedicated their lives to fighting the patriarchy and the forces of white supremacy.
Underestimate us at your own personal risk.


Meet the girl gang behind the Girl Gang Network:

Founder: Cat Cameron
Short tempered and confident, she’s the badass bitch who has a tiny-to-non-existent capacity to put up with misogynistic bullshit before she snaps. Hard. So, watch out. She is the genius behind The Adventures of Apathy Girl (June, maybe), Tiger Hates Christmas (December), and she co-hosts Fish Without A Bicycle (May, definitely).wallpaper (2).jpg

Founder: Cheryl Wei
Chatty and bright, she’s the adorable one. But don’t let that fool you, she’s also the hardcore one who protects us from the greatest power of all: ourselves. She also likes cats. She will be co-hosting Fish Without A Bicycle (May) and The Slumber Games (Pre-production).wallpaper (3).jpg

Collaborator: Olivia
Meet Olivia. She’s the beautiful, slutty one who protects us from bugs. That’s right – BUGS. (Fucking hate bugs.) Olivia also likes to game. She will be co-hosting The Slumber Games.




Collaborator: Regan
This is Regan. Regan writes the music for Fish Without A Bicycle, Apathy Girl, and Tiger Hates Christmas. Regan had to be there through the entire creative process which makes Regan, basically, the most resilient person on Earth.

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Collaborator: Khoshekh
Khoshekh is the cat who lives in The Girl Gang Network head quarters. He likes watching Netflix, eating chicken, and walking across the soundboard making irreversible edits that corrupt files.

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