Tiger Hates Christmas is a zine-turned-podcast by Cat Cameron.
Release date: 1st December 2016.

Follow the story of the friendly Tiger who lives in a woodland community with friends.
And enemies. Fuck those guys.

This is a series of 25 fables where I have reduced everyone I love and hate into an animal of some sort and blatantly explained what their deal is right now in a non-gendered, cute kinda way. So cute, that you’d start playing it out loud to your darling young children only to stop dead mid-story and scramble to cut the power on whichever damn listening device you chose because that’s the moment you realise that this is not for children. Upon further reflection, perhaps there is no age at which you’d be ok to grasp this content.

The best way I can explain this project is: it’s like Tiger notices the elephant in the living room, goes up to the elephant, looks the elephant in the eyes, Tiger is now telling everyone in the goddamn house about what the elephant telepathically transmitted. There’s also a zombie.

Enjoy the fuck out of this one.

See you in December.
Love, Cat Cameron.