CAPSICUM | The Adventures of Apathy Girl Teaser Episode

Podcast (by Cat Cameron) coming soon.

How soon, Cat?

Oh, Italics. I don’t know.

Oh… Ok then.

*awkward silence*

Umm… Who is Apathy Girl?

Oh, she’s amazing.

Yeah? What’s her deal.

Her deal? Well, she was just a normal girl leading a normal life and living in a normal world, y’see.

I see.

Until one day, she was struck by lightening and got a handful of super powers.
She can curse people.
She can manipulate the rain, or the weather, or something.
She can do a bunch of super cool and badass and powerful shit.
She can also c-

Whoa. So she’s supernatural? But like, super duper supernatural?

You could say that. You could call it supernatural. You can call it magic. You can call it enhanced capabilities. You cou-

Wait. That’s way too powerful. There’s got to be a catch. Is there a catch?

Fuck yeah, there’s a catch. A big fucking catch.

Ok, so, what’s the catch?

You’ll see.


I said, you’ll see.


I don’t know. Soon.