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Tiger Hates Christmas Blog

Tiger Hates Christmas | Chicken

This a sneak preview of the fable of the cute woodland tiger who hates Christmas coming out soon on digital on demand radio.

Tiger had lots of friends: such as Chicken and Goose.

Chicken and Goose were good friends. But, Chicken had another friend – Grizzly Bear. Chicken trusted Grizzly Bear and they liked each other very much. One day, Grizzly Bear became jealous of Chicken’s friendship with Goose so, Grizzly Bear ate Goose. This was a breach of Chicken’s trust. Since then, Chicken has been un-trusting of others. Even when Chicken meets a cute woodland creature who has nothing but positive intentions of mutual friendship with Chicken, Chicken is still scarred from past events and withdraws from investing in meaningful human connection. Chicken smiles and plays along with relationships anyway, but always with an underlying sense of caution and foreboding. Chicken crosses the road to escape having to deal with loss.

Tiger Hates Christmas is a zine turned podcast releasing once daily from the 1st of December til Christmas Day. Look out for updates, tune in, and subscribe. Thank you! – Cat Cameron Xx

Written and produced by Cat Cameron.

Music by Regan Van Veen.

Coming Soon: Tiger Hates Christmas


Tiger Hates Christmas is a zine-turned-podcast by Cat Cameron.
Release date: 1st December 2016.

Follow the story of the friendly Tiger who lives in a woodland community with friends.
And enemies. Fuck those guys. Continue reading “Coming Soon: Tiger Hates Christmas”

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