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Apathy Girl Quote

“I was terrified. He was terrified. I didn’t care. I’m not fond of caring.” – Cat Cameron | The Adventures of Apathy Girl

Theme Song Lyrics | Fish Without A Bicycle

 ♫ ♪

I was swimming in the sea
As happy as can be
‘Til a man looked over at me
And he said, “Hey baby, why don’t you give me a smile?”


‘Cause I’m a fish without a bicycle
I’m a fish without a bicycle
I’m a fish without a bicycle
And you can be a fish without a bicycle too

♪ ♫ ♪

❤ Lyrics by Cat Cameron. Music by Regan Van Veen. Performed by Cheryl Wei. | Fish Without A Bicycle

FWAB Quote

“Sexism isn’t reserved for the super evil super villains of our time. It is normal and common for good, kind, caring people that we love to be problematic assholes by displaying unchecked problematic behaviors and views too.” – Anne Dry | Fish Without A Bicycle 

Meet: Cat Cameron


Hello listeners!

I’m Cat.

I’m a cat. (What?) Continue reading “Meet: Cat Cameron”

FWAB Quote

“When you learn to accept your white privilege, that’s when you learn to be less terrible.” – Bella Donna | Fish Without A Bicycle

Start Here

What is The Girl Gang Network?

It’s a network.
Of girls.
Who are now in a gang.

Umm… Ok? Continue reading “Start Here”

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